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Centuries ago, when a map-maker would run out of the known world before he ran out of parchment, he would often sketch a dragon at the edge of the scroll. This was intended to be a sign to the explorer that he was entering unknown territory at his own risk.

Many explorers, however, did not perceive the dragon as a map maker's warning sign, but as a prophecy. They foresaw disaster and doom beyond the "known worlds" they traversed. Their fear kept them from pushing on to discover new lands and peoples.

Other, more adventuresome travelers saw the dragon as a sign of opportunity, the doorway to a new territory worth exploring.

Each of us has a mental map containing the information we use for guidance as we explore each new day. Like the maps of long ago, our mental maps have edges, and sometimes those edges seem to be marked by dragons, or fears. At times, our fears may be valid.

But at other times, our fears may keep us from discovering more of this world, or more about other people - including ourselves. Don't let fear keep you from all that God desires for you to explore and to know!

(Extract from "Gods Little Devotional Bible", Published by Honor Books, Tulsa, Oklahoma - used with permission.)

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